Flooding Simulation

Floods are one of the most costly natural disasters in the United States (Kousky & Michel-Kerjan, 2017). Climate change has led to increased frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation, and these increases are expected to continue in the future (Bao et al., 2017; Dunn et al., 2020; Feng et al., 2016; Groisman et al., 2012; Li et al., 2019). These changes in precipitation in a warming climate will lead to greater flood frequency and severity (Kundzewicz et al., 2014; Milly et al., 2002).

The goal of this project is to assess current and future precipitation-related flood risk to Honda of America in Marysville, Ohio. To achieve this goal, we conducted a precipitation analysis, flooding analysis, and then developed climate action recommendations. I was responsible for the hydrological and hydraulic model simulations in the group project.

(Project Team: Dr. Steven Quiring, Dr. Aaron Wilson, Dr. admin, Mr. Wesley Collins)

Zhiying Li
Zhiying Li
Postdoctoral Research Associate